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World’s Biggest Fan of Business Owners

Image Credit: Phillip Goldsberry

I am the world’s biggest fan of business owners. The thing I love most about my chosen profession of investment banking is that I can work closely with amazing and inspirational entrepreneurs, business leaders, and executives from a variety of industries and regions of our country and help them achieve their exit goals. For most of my clients, the sale of their company is a life-changing financial event for themselves and their families. They have invested so much of themselves, including their time, expertise, emotion, and capital, into building their business, and my job then is to help them, their companies, and their employees find a successful path to their respective next chapters. My clients place a tremendous amount of trust in me as their M&A advisor, and I take my responsibility to them seriously. With that context, my mission in writing The $100 Million Exit was to create a resource for business owners and their trusted advisors that captures insider lessons, which I’ve learned over the course of my career, that you can leverage to your benefit as you work towards a future exit event. I hope I’ve accomplished that mission. As you followed this article series of Top 10 M&A Mistakes, I hope you gained a better understanding of how you can make the most of your future exit process. In The $100 Million Exit, I wanted to instill in you the same passion and excitement I have for the art of the M&A exit. If you choose to purchase a copy of my book, I hope you see it as a tool to help you take actionable steps today that will drive a more successful outcome (however you define “successful”) when the time comes for your exit.

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I have enjoyed writing this article series about my book, The $100 Million Exit. If you’d like to get a copy, you can find it on Amazon here: I’d love to connect! You can reach me via email at or connect with me at

The $100 Million ExitYour Roadmap to the Ultimate Payday

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