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Jonathan Brabrand


Jonathan is a Managing Director with Transact Capital Partners. He is passionate about helping businesses prosper and maximize value to their employees, customers, communities, and owners. Instilled with a spirit of entrepreneurism from a young age, Jonathan draws on his experience as a business owner, trusted strategic advisor, and investment banker to identify and overcome the challenges clients face. Jonathan’s humility and easy-going personality belie the razor-sharp business instincts he has honed over two decades of structuring and negotiating dozens of M&A transactions ranging from $10-300 million in value.

Given his 20+ years of investment banking experience, Jonathan can help the most experienced and seasoned business owners, as well as those who may have never been through a sale process before. As such, he employs a high-touch approach to the transaction process, ensuring his clients understand not only how the process will unfold, but the importance of each step along the way. For clients that are not currently ready to sell, Jonathan offers an extensive pre-transaction advisory program to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and Boards of Directors evaluate and prepare for future liquidity events. His expert advice on liquidity alternatives, timing, valuation, and overall transaction readiness enables business owners to confidently execute their optimal strategy at the most opportune time.

Jonathan's M&A experience dates back to 1997 when he began his career at Harris William & Co. during a period of rapid growth. In 2006, he co-founded Boxwood Partners as a startup Richmond-based boutique M&A firm, and later spent eight years leading nationwide M&A transactions with the Commercial & Industrial investment banking group of BB&T Capital Markets, where he led M&A processes for privately held businesses and portfolio companies of private equity groups and family offices. In 2016, Jonathan joined Fahrenheit Advisors, a middle market consulting and executive search firm based in Richmond, to create and lead an investment banking practice helping lower middle-market clients prepare for and execute M&A transactions. In March 2020, Jonathan merged his M&A practice into Transact Capital Partners, where he currently serves as Managing Director.

Jonathan graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Mathematics, from the University of Richmond’s E. Claiborne Robins School of Business. He is also the author of a new book, The $100 Million Exit, and regularly delivers keynotes to trade associations and business groups on M&A-related topics.

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