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They want to exit their business on their terms and for top dollar, but how?



All business owners will eventually exit their business, but most don't know how to prepare for an exit or how the sale process really works. They know that an exit will provide personal freedom and financial security, as well as a new chapter for their company and their employees, but they wonder:

  • Where do I begin?

  • When is the time right?

  • How much is my company worth?

  • Will I be ready?



Investment Banking Veteran, Entrepreneur, Author



Jonathan has taken an insider's look into companies that sold for more than $100 million and discovered lessons that all business owners can use to make their companies more valuable. Drawing on extensive research and his firsthand experience of selling dozens of businesses over 20+ years in mergers & acquisitions (M&A), Jonathan empowers owners to become sale-ready and take control of their ultimate exit strategy.

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A relatable and engaging speaker, Jonathan's keynotes and virtual workshops provide actionable, best practices for business owners of any size and industry presented in clear, easy-to-follow language.


Participants will walk away with new insights

and clear strategies to attain a sale-ready posture

in pursuit of their ultimate payday. 

Prepare Well

To Exit Well


Your audience will learn:

  • How to Know When to Exit

  • How to Become Sale-Ready

  • The Top 10 M&A Mistakes

  • How a Competitive Sale Process Works

For business owners of any

size and industry, regardless

of their exit time horizon



Two-Part Workshop Series

Participants will take a deep dive into two critical preparation topics over two sessions:

  • How to Determine the Ideal Time to Exit

  • Three Keys to Achieving a Sale-Ready Posture

For business owners of any

size and industry, regardless

of their exit time horizon

Roadmap to the Ultimate Payday

Three-Part Workshop Series

Participants will take a deep dive into the overall exit process during three sessions:

  • Achieving a Sale-Ready Posture

  • Kicking off the M&A Process

  • Winning the M&A Process


For business owners of any size and  industry, particularly those that plan to exit within the next three years

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Jonathan's book will give you a never-before-seen insider’s

look at businesses that sold for more than $100 million and

teach you how to apply those lessons to your company.


Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes when a business goes on the market?


Inside this book you will learn:

  • How a founder grew his business from $25 million to $750 million in revenue in ten years

  • Why selling your company will take more time and effort than you think

  • What to think about when evaluating buyers (hint: it's not all price)

  • What you can do NOW to get the most out of your business LATER

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